Sunday, May 20, 2007

Radical bikers win Timoga's icy-cold springs

BIKERS TURN SWIMMERS! There really is nothing quite like swimming trip on Timoga Cold Springs-- known for its pristine, cool and crystal clear waters freely flowing downstream towards several swimming pools. Shed, snack bars, cottages and lechon (roasted pig) stalls are available in the area. Timoga Spring is located along the National Highway, Timoga, Barangay Buru-un, Iligan City, around 9 kilometers away from the city proper and over 90 kilometers away from Cagayan de Oro. RUBB brothers conquer the well-known for icy-cold springs flow freely to the pools of different sizes.

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h! nice pics!!!! mztah?still alive? i hope yes...from jen take care especially kang francis

i love u!!!!!!!!! rene miz u very much kumustah?still

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